Small disagreements

“Those in military or paramilitary forces who interfere with politics should be removed from their positions and relegated to civilian life, where they may demonstrate to their hearts content.”

-I. Welsh

I’m a fan of Ian Welsh but disagree with his latest post. The discussion of oligarchy being ever just around the corner is self-defeating. I get the sentiment about “preserving the democracy” but this erroneously presumes there is something even resembling a democracy to preserve. There’s not and those on the left need to quit perpetuating the myth that America is in danger of losing its democracy. It’s already gone. No point in closing the barn doors after the unicorns have already run off sorta thing.  It’s time to recognize that and fight back with measures beyond hand-wringing about some perilous future that might be. The present is nightmarish enough.

To the point. Some convincing pockets of the left contend that revolution will occur when the political power-centers in this country lose the support of civil-servants who ensure that power. I’m largely in agreement. Yes, we would prefer that those civil-servants find common cause with our righteous lefty morality, but this isn’t going to happen. You’re not going to brow-beat critical race theory into the heads of people like Daniel Palenteo who relish actually beating on black people. The best we can hope for is breaks in rank. And wherever these occur we should support them. A bunch of racist asshole cops turning its collective back on a racist asshole city-hall is an undisputed good. The NYPD is bad, but the mayor’s office is worse. This little “bait and bleed” strategy could prove very effective for a left that has neither the numbers nor the stomach for revolt.

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