Rate increases hit Obama supporters

I’m a bit embarrassed to admit it, but I actually voted for Obama in ’08. That support, however, didn’t last long. Early in ’09, he decided not to release the torture photos (much less prosecute the torturers) and not to nationalize the banks (much less prosecute the bankers). You’ve perhaps forgotten, but nationalization was being seriously debated in the spring of ’09 before Obama brought in the Clinton financial people. The breaking point for me though came at the beginning of healthcare reform.

As I understood it, Obama’s campaign had been largely premised on two things: increasing transparency and cutting down the power of lobbyists. Many liberals, my-deluded-self included, thought those 2 issues were key to getting the government to quit doing evil shit. I was wrong though and it likely doesn’t matter. The American people support enough evil shit that the empire can continue doing heinous things whether we’re told or not. Regardless, both of those campaign promises were dashed when Obama called the top health-care executives to the white house and then fought to keep that meeting secret. Obama apparently had less a problem with corporate power than with lobbyists acting as middle-man. Go straight to the source, I guess? It was hard to believe at the time. Single-payer was dead and reform was going to be a bonanza for corporate health companies (primarily the insurance companies, quite possibly the most hated industry in America).

Since that time, those who saw Obamacare as true reform have been doing their best to promote it. One particular couple who I’m friends with has spent the last two+ years defending the ACA and posting many positive stories about the legislation and its benefits for America. But today? Cracks in the dam;



As you can see from their profile pic proudly standing on the whitehouse lawn, they’re quite devoted. If you take Obamacare away from the liberals who still support Obama, what do they have? That was the sole issue on which many half-hearted 2012 votes were cast. Perhaps they’ll just do a Clintonian rebranding after his term. Nauseous already.


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