The NY Times offers Judith Miller her old job back

Reading the Times today, and holy hell;

“The names floated so far [to replace Prime Minister Maliki] — Adel Abdul Mahdi, Ahmed Chalabi and Bayan Jaber — are from the Shiite blocs, which have the largest share of the total seats in the Parliament.

Mr. Chalabi is a complex figure who has alternately charmed and infuriated the Americans but has ties both to them and to Iran. His biggest liability could be his uncompromising support for the systematic purge of many Sunnis from government jobs after the American-led invasion that toppled Saddam Hussein and his Baath Party a decade ago.”

The NYT doing what they do best, bringing fog machines to war. Yes, Mr. Chalabi is a “complex” figure. In case you’ve forgotten, Mr. Chalabi had his home and business raided by the US and Iraqi forces after widespread involvement in fraud (against both US and Iraq), torture, divulging classified information to Iran, and, last but not least, the guy at the center of the false intelligence over WMD and the man who oversaw the De-Ba’athification of the government.



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