Today, we are all neocons


Computer-generated humanoid, Reihan Salam, pissed off alot of people two weeks ago when he renewed his vows with neoconservativism. I’m not sure why. His piece was so historically inaccurate, self-serving, and simplistic that it resembled an abbreviated version of some Obama speech that the president might deliver to a packed hall of doe-eyed Eurotrash. They’re both best, ignored.

There were, however, a couple points that made it worth reading. One, Salam’s tortured logic which turns the Nixon/Kissinger-Benghali massacre into justification for more US state interference based on the fact that the US, though it supported the massacre of hundreds of thousands, could have done the opposite of what it did. Ponder for a moment the insanity of a country that offers a mind this fractured regular column space and TV time on ‘expert panels.’

Two, Salam defined neoconservatism as principally based on the idea that “the U.S. should maintain an overwhelming military edge over all potential rivals, and that we as a country ought to be willing to use our military power in defense of our ideals as well as our interests narrowly defined?” I like this. Defining it so, he plants his much derided neocon banner firmly on top of the US capitol. Many predictably objected to this definition as overly broad. According to the doctrine of a priori American political distinctions, if your category can include both Bush and Obama, it is meaningless. “Like, c’mon; one of them enjoys illegally invading countries and murdering people, the other likes to paint! Oh, shit.” Face it demlibs, there are few definitions of neoconservative which couldn’t include Obama.

Salam also includes the usual American dogma; “American strength is the linchpin of a peaceful, economically integrating world.” The linchpin of peace? I haven’t a clue how this delusion takes hold. America is the most violent country on the planet and has been for some time (probably since it’s founding). How many countries did North Korea, Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, Syria, and Libya (the ‘evil’ countries) invade in the last decade? Zero, combined. How many did the US? 4? 6? 10? The US has dropped so many bombs on so many different countries that I’ve lost count. 





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