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Was linked to this WaPo article reading Sartwells latest. From the article on the mass sentencing of 683 people to death in Egypt;

“The Obama administration quickly condemned the ruling, saying that it defied ‘even the most basic standards of international justice…’ Whitehouse spokesperson continued, ‘Egyptian leaders must take a stand against this illogical action and dangerous precedent, recognizing that the repression of peaceful dissent will fuel the instability and radicalization that Egypt says it wishes to prevent.’

[Final paragraph of the article] ‘Last week, the Obama administration said it would deliver 10 Apache helicopters to Egypt, marking a partial resumption of Washington’s annual $1.3 billion in military aid, which was suspended after last summer’s coup.”

It’s really the hallowed proceduralism of the courtroom that bothers Washington. Raining hellfire missiles down on people from the safety of a helicopter cockpit is ok (wink.wink), but if you’re going to break out the blackrobes and stenographer, there are standards of decency to adhere to.


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