Long time no thoughts.

Wow, six months no posts. Apologies to the few who regularly checked in. I’ve been MIA because I went back to school and spent the last six months trolling classmates with my armchair radicalism, and because the folks over there —> “blogs I follow” are so good, it’s often discouraging. READ THEM! Hopefully I’ll be more regular with the posts. Animal cruelty is something I’ve been wanting to get to, and somewhat related, the death of the Pacific.

A few things I learned from being back in school (other than that it’s still depressing). First, for the liberal set, there is no institution beyond repair. And most institutions can be fixed by fixing this one little keystone institution. And what is the all-important institution? C’mon, you already know what it is: Raise a child in the way he should go and blah, blah, blah. Everything can be fixed by changing how we indoctrinate the kids (in school). I suppose there is some truth to this, but there’s one teeny little problem. If you’re on the left, most of the country disagrees with you. If you’re on the radical left, everyone in the country disagrees with you.

Second, the technotopians are absolutely mad all the way down to the marrow. For them, there is no problem that can’t be fixed through social networking, solar fracking, and scientific consensus. When animal treatment came up for discussion, one fellow classmate brushed it aside saying that it’s no longer really an issue, we can almost cosign to the past, since we are on the brink of ‘growing’ all the meat we need. Uh, hold on while I grab my TI-81… The average slaughterhouse kills 250 cows an hour. Each cow can be ground into 1200 hamburger patties. It took a couple white-coats two years and $300,000 to make two burgers in a lab. 250 cows x 1200 patties x 12hours/day x X number of slaughterhouses = we’re gonna need a fuckton more petri-dishes. I guess we’ve all got our blindspots.

Third, if you want to see a liberal’s head explode tell them you don’t think vaccinations should be mandatory. No topic, no matter how controversial, turned faces redder than this one. Some were offended because they had kids, others because of SCIENCE! Every study ever done everywhere has concluded that they are safe! Goddammit!!! As I have no kids, I have no skin in the game and therefore my principled stance is privileged through and through but I don’t give a shit. If you are unable to prevent some CDC mandate from injecting your child with MMR and a side of autism (Just kidding! Christ, you guys are so sensitive), you have no freedom whatsoever.

Fourth, “They” Schools. Another classmate was this pleasant, intelligent, well-meaning teacher who said that most of the problems in American public education could be solved with simple, creative solutions. For example, in the overcrowded high-school at which she taught, they used to have a problem with fighting in between classes. They tried everything but nothing worked. Finally, one day some sadist administrator suggested no talking in between classes. Well, fights between students fell dramatically she told us enthusiastically after implementing a “no talking in the halls” policy. I laughingly suggested that shackles would work too. She smiled and said, “yeah, it sounds a little extreme, but…it worked.”

I’m taking a course in Media Literacy if you’ve been asking yourself, “what fucking class is this nut taking?” Trying to get a masters so I can get more vacation and better toss around words like scaffolding strategies, 21st century competencies, and preferred pedagogical approaches. Anyway, things I want to address personally, be on the lookout for my own blindspots and reexamine justifications for things that I know ain’t right, but that work.


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