Random, frustrated thoughts concerning Michael Hastings

As leaks from “friends of the family” continued to muddy the waters surrounding the late reporters death, I’ve been waiting to hear some official statement from the family. This latest sit-down with Elise Jordan was, to say the least, disappointing. 

The only thing learned from the Piers Morgan interview is that the ground rules for the interview were explicitly laid out and he was so constrained by the limitations he couldn’t even fill an 8 minute segment. I doubt he was too bothered by it though. Six minutes into the interview, he gets to completely phone it in, “You a Yankees fan?” and, naturally following up with, “what would Michael have thought of [the Alex Rodriguez controversy]?” 

The strangeness of the interview only increases in light of the coroner’s report which was released yesterday. The timing of the interview suggests that the family sought to get out in front of the report to make sure to put as forgiving a light on the drug use as possible. She immediately took the NY Times to task for Hastings’ obit so they are understandably concerned about Hastings’ legacy. But she refuses to mention the drug use at all. No homage to a great, but flawed man who fell to the grip of addiction? The rumors of her vow to “take down whoever did this” and her subsequent reversal where she now believes it all an accident, and that the body was cremated against the wishes of the family rumor are all, apparently, off limits as well. Christ, he can’t even ask if Hastings had a heavy foot? Of course, all of this adds up to, well, nothing. She is certainly entitled to say at little or as much as she pleases. It’s strange though, as is life.

Many media outlets have been playing up the drug angle. The Young Turks did an excellent segment bashing those irresponsible parties yesterday to which I have only one thing to add. If you read the toxicology report, he tested positive for trace amounts of Amphetamines using a GC/MS (gas chromatography/mass spectrometer) and negative for Methamphetamine using ELISA, the former test being much more sensitive than the latter. So had Hastings been alive when they did the tests, he could have passed a routine piss test for Methamphetamine. Put that on your tinfoil and torch it.

One last thing, in defense of Ms. Jordan. Many commented on youtube that she seemed to be “acting” and that her behavior was very strange during the interview. Personally I didn’t find her behavior all that off. And I think the reason for that may be that we’re from roughly the same region, the South (as anyone who listened to her speak could quickly pick up on). Her behavior and disposition wasn’t all that abnormal for women of Mississippi, especially the young well-heeled types. Though I can see how her rather saccharine disposition and manner of speaking comes across as feigned, it is much more genuine than it might appear if you’re not accustomed to it.



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3 Responses to Random, frustrated thoughts concerning Michael Hastings

  1. davidly says:

    I didn’t have to hit that resin to have already wondered what the fair widow’s employment history and timing of courtship and marriage might have to say about her, him, or both of them.

    • newcrownvic says:

      Indeed. Thanks for that. I was tempted to wade into those waters but couldn’t find anything that wasn’t already on her bio. It does seem a very odd, though convenient pairing for them both. He’s on the top of the government shit list and she was formerly writing speeches for Condi and working at the NSC under Bush. Read some of the articles she wrote if you really want to have your mind blown. http://www.nationalreview.com/articles/272576/obama-s-young-ex-fans-elise-jordan

      I’m hoping to do another post when I get through all of her articles.

      • davidly says:

        Thanks, that is mind blowing, but not in the way I expected. I have yet to–and may not–watch any footage of her. I don’t think I have the constitution for it anymore. But what surprises me is just how bland a version of what she is she is. And I’d have to delve deeper into Hastings to get a better sense of him to her and where he was coming from.

        Their worldviews may not have diverged as much as a Gen Y version of spin doctors in love (anyway, Carville and Matalin indeed define themselves as such, open & out hacks for their respective parties, and as such Operatives). Mister Hastings, on the other hand, seems to have had a more critically differentiated attitude about things.

        I have no doubt in my mind that he was punk’d. Maybe he was on to something that posed a threat, but I’m thinking it has more to do with sport & spook-time storytelling. In that regard, it could be that he was–like she is– an empty vessel that’d follow around the story that just happened to coincide with the narrative someone was trying to muddy the shit out of the waters with and that he did almost exactly what he was supposed to do.

        Or not.

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