From the Atlantic.

They don’t need pity. Take the Unicef backpacks, sympathy, old T-shirts, and “good intentions” and just leave. They need nothing so much as to be left the fuck alone. Go. Now. Were America a decent country, it would have never gone to Afghanistan. If even a single cell of grace, dignity, or compassion coursed through the veins of the American empire and the people who operate it, they would have left years ago. What is the goal? No one even pretends to know or bothers to lie anymore. Absent the cover that purpose and intention often provide, the American state is revealed. It exists to take, humiliate, and destroy.

“But without the State…” Stop. I don’t care about the imaginary hordes of vandals and thieves gallivanting back and forth across the trembling recesses of your mind. Paint me a picture where the protections provided by the State are greater than the horrors that it inflicts. I simply can’t imagine it. How many gay marriages atone for a limbless child? What’s the swap on white phosphorus seared children to domestic abuse prosecutions? Is the quick ratio of U.S. social services to 1,000,000 orphaned Afghan kids greater than 1.0? Give me your performance metrics, show me your tables and scales.


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