Things I was wrong about.

1. In my last post I implied that the latest NSA leaks were perhaps an intentional leak by the Obama administration designed for the dual purpose of harassing/prosecuting Glenn Greenwald and to continue entrenching a permanent surveillance state through the gradual admission of wrongdoing and/or illegality (an authoritarian creep which the public seems pretty accepting of). Mr. Snowden’s personal reveal and subsequent interviews clearly disprove my conjecture. Let me add, I’m quite in awe of this man. Even the mere contemplation of the depth of his sacrifice is overwhelming. It’s a principled stance the likes of which Jeffrey Toobin and his ilk, literally, can’t even imagine.*

2. I stated that the NSA would be recording and storing every digital footprint found anywhere. Though their capabilities are staggering, they appear still quite far from that feat.

3. I kinda opened with an “everybody already knows” line that is usually intended to mislead and soften the impact of a breaking story. That was not my intent but was still dumb on my part. The importance of the confirmation of these programs (metadata, PRISM, and backdoor access to the world’s largest tech companies’ servers) is probably impossible to overstate.

*Fun fact: Toobin’s wife used to be a Verizon exec.

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